Why Meditation?

Because it is time to go inside.

In the past, meditation was often dismissed as being aloof, esoteric or unworldly.  Many people associate the term meditation with withdrawing from the world whereby a person leaves his/her house and home, quits his/her job or moves to the Himalayas.

This label no longer fits. Since the beginning of the new millennium, meditation is being talked about by everyone and is no longer an insider tip. Hardly a week goes by without the media reporting about meditation or a new scientific discovery about its uses and effects is made public.

This is no surprise. Millions of people worldwide are already meditating daily. They have all understood that in our fast-moving times – where we are now able to be contacted around the clock – something has to be done to maintain a healthy mind and healthy body.

The good news is that we can do this on our own and independent of a career, social status, or membership in a religion, association or group. And – we don’t have to turn our whole lives upside down to do it.

Why meditation? Because inner peace and serenity do not come with a pay raise, a new car, a new relationship or a nice vacation. All that we hope to find outside ourselves, does not bring the desired result – at least not in the long run. The  moment that we realize or experience this, we know that happiness, strength and success can only originate from within. It is time to go inside.

It is exactly here that meditation begins. Meditation provides a healthier mind, a healthier body and a fuller utilization of our human potential. To do this, it only needs our own conscious focus.

Meditation is a tool through which a person can create inner strength, clarity, relaxation and self-awareness. It provides a pause in the river of the permanently active mind.

People who begin to meditate notice after a short time that they are able to be attentive for a longer time and are becoming more resilient. They experience their everyday life with all of its duties, as increasingly less of a burden and are more able to meet challenging situations with vitality, joy and serenity.