Meditation techniques

Active Meditations:

Active meditations help to reduce stress on the physical and spiritual level and in this way, create a space for being present in the here and now.

Active meditation techniques include in their structure, attention exercises that initially bring the attention into the body and its vivacity. This can be through for example, shaking, jogging in one spot, humming, etc. The exercises relax the body, making it more vital. This leads to an awareness of the vivacity in the silent presence of being. Active meditations can be practiced at all times by everyone and are appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Silent Meditations:

There are different types of silent meditations. There is single-pointed meditation like for instance, Vipassana or Zen meditation where we concentrate on one point (e.g., an object or the breath) without letting our minds wander.

Another type of silent meditation is the mindful presence. This is not directed on an object but rather on the alertness and clarity of the mind. All phenomenon (thoughts, feelings, etc.) that arise and vanish within the state of mindful presence are perceived with indifference.

Practicing these techniques do not require prior meditation experience. However, they are more feasible if sitting silently does not pose a physical problem or cause a continuous flow of thoughts.

Interactive Meditations:

Interactive Meditations, also known as Social Meditations, aim at perceiving the inner movement and form of feelings and emotions that arise when we encounter others. The techniques are structured so that we consciously bring ourselves into different emotional states, become more aware of them and show ourselves to others without any hiding. This has a very healing and transforming effect.

Clarity emerges from this transformation – from holding ourselves back in our everyday relationships, from expressing our needs, and from living. Clarity allows us to always act consciously based on our own individuality. Self-confidence, empathy and a feeling of being ONE with people and things emerge.

The practice of these techniques require prior experience with active or silent meditation and/or experience in emotional bodywork.